"Школа языков в Пушкине"

Санкт-Петербург, г. Пушкин, ул. Госпитальная, д. 24 (здание школы №500)

+7 (812) 573-98-60

+7 (931) 374-00-38

Русский как иностранный (Russian as foreign)

  Our school

     ABA Pushkin Language School is focused on teaching Russian to non Mother tongue speakers. We moreover offer training for people with Russian as second language and special Business Russian. Lessons are normally held at school, which is centrally located and close to students’ accommodation.

     There are not more than 5-6 students in a group, usually from different nationalities.


     Teachers are highly qualified professionals trained to use special intensive methods of teaching Russian. The combination of skillful teachers, homely atmosphere and close proximity to Russian everyday life are the trademarks of our school that has made us popular among our students since 1997.

      So whatever your motives are: to improve your language skills, get better high school grades, pass a university exam, get ready for the TRKI (Test of Russian as foreign language), establish business contacts, discover Russian literature, refresh your skills or just enjoy your hobby, come and experience the culture, the fun and the life of Russia.

Price list 


Lessons in group

Standard (20 hours per week)

Intensive (30 hours per week)


110 euro

150 euro


Individual lessons

Standard (15 hours per week)

Intensive (20 hours per week)


180 euro

240 euro 



From airport and back

From bus/railway station and back


40 euro

60 euro



In family

In hotel


110 euro